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Contains 12 packages / 120 tea bags


PORANGOLD is definitely one of the most popular food supplements developed by Webervas, now in tea format. Proven to reduce belly fat and tighten abdominal flaccidity, it balances your organism and helps you improve your everyday life.


No more hiding in baggy clothes! A slow metabolism, poor food choices and a sedentary lifestyle lead to increased weight and body fat. These are often associated with cardiovascular problems, diabetes and LDL (bad) cholesterol. Combine PORANGOLD with mindful eating and daily movement for optimal results.


€57.60 Regular Price
€49.90Sale Price
  • 1 tea bag half an hour before breakfast
  • 1 tea bag half an hour before lunch


(*) Food supplements are not intended to replace medical treatments. These are to be taken as directed by Webervas, and in accordance with your healthcare provider.

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